What am I doing here?

Well Hello there…. How you doin’ campers………

After years of ranting and raving both on the radio and too myself or anyone who would listen I am starting on this journey. Blogging, vlogging, ranting, etc. I know what you are thinking…. Way to go Dan you’re only 20 years too late with this. I have had some encouragement to take on this project and am also taking the leap in to show my mother who has the idea to do a similar thing on a website I have set up for her to do the same. If she ever starts blogging I will be sure to pass along her website.

My plan is to take you on my journey as I turn my property into more of a homestead than a house. Planting crops to feed my family and trying to live a little bit more self sufficiently, building and fixing things, playing with radios, ranting, raving and of course using improper grammar that I know my grandmother looking down on me would disapprove of. Along the line hopefully I can pull some of my friends in for projects and nonsense.

While stuck in the house during this virus outbreak I have indulged in a little retail therapy and purchased a bunch of new power tools to upgrade the tools I use in the shop. At the current moment my power tools were mainly corded old tools handed down from my grandfather with some cheaper harbor freight and even Ryobi tools thrown in the mix. With the exception of a few of those tools I am beginning to replace them with a higher class of Milwaukee and DeWalt. My first dive into the Milwaukee M18 world of Milwaukee was a few years back when I purchased a drill from them. This drill has been great and has certainly put up with my daily abuse. So much so that it withstood being driven over by my old truck. So I have purchased more drills, saws, oscillating tools, etc from them and can’t wait to get the journey started.

Until next time.

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