What a slacker

As happens so many times in life, I started out this years growing season slightly prematurely and with a bang.  Added new raised beds, ripped out weeds, chopped tree limbs, removed trees and cleared new areas.  I even installed a new fence down the side of the property that is my garden area.  As we reached our zones last frost date I began planting some of the crops.  Planted a whole new row of raspberry bushes.  Built a small grape trellis over the entrance to the garden area and put the grapes in the ground.

For years I had seen people have success with planting strawberries in gutters.  So I purchased and installed gutters along the side of the property on the fence.  This is where the fun and excitement began to fall apart.  Not 2 days later squirrels (or at least that is who I suspect) got into the gutters and destroyed 90% of my strawberry starts.    Leaving me with a measly 4 plants.  4 PLANTS!  After a brief session of mumbling and cursing and a small pity party I decided I must move forward.  I cut a small piece of fence and covered the remaining plants and so far they seem to be fine.

Gutter planter FAIL!

With this pandemic happening this year the local nursery that I typically purchase flats of vegetables that I do not start from seed sent out and email with an order form.  This was great I was able to take stock of what I wanted and place and order via email and they would call me when it was ready and I could pick it up curbside.  Picking up the plants was an obstacle in itself but that is not the point of this story and I do not fault the nursery for this.  Everyone is adjusting.

Somewhere along the line, about 2 weeks ago everything came to a halt.  Yes I am still watering the crops, yes I still intend to plant the rest of the vegetables.  But that initial early season stall has happened.  We had a late chill which threatened the small plants (luckily mine all seem to have survived) and the chill pushed me back into the shop.  Tinkering and building as I would during the winter months.  In an effort to kick out of this stall.  I dragged myself into the garden and planted a row of Cucumbers earlier this week.  But I stopped there.  Leaving the rest of the beds still bare and the flat of plants on the chair.  This weekend I have lined up a ton of projects I hope to accomplish.  But will I actually get around to them?  Or will I be stuck in this stall funk?  What is it that makes us as humans get into these moments?  I must battle through to provide for the family.  We all must battle through right now.’

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