To Cleat or not to cleat?

Earlier in the week I posed the question on my twitter (@thatdanmoore) whether I should go with full wall of peg board or the french cleat system.  The french cleat is something that has always appealed to me because of its versatility, however the peg board is in a way simpler, a few studs a few sheets of peg board and boom you are done.  Posing this question to a friend of mine he replied well if you like the peg board that much do the cleat and make a big section of pegboard just hung on the cleat so you can move it around.

My shop consists of a weird division.  I have a studio set up for doing audio and video work in one corner, behind that area is a workbench dedicated to electronic repair, and along the front wall a giant work bench for the remainder of my wood working and fabrication projects.   Currently over my electronics bench I build a small shelf about 3 feet or so over the bench and have peg board there to hang tools.  The top shelf housed meters and scopes and a few small parts bins originally but has started to become just another shelf to throw junk on when I need it out of the way.  The wall behind this bench is where I believe I will start my french cleat endeavors.  It is a relatively small wall only about 8 feet wide which would be ideal for ripping the wood to use as it cuts down on the work involved.  Rip the cleat into a board and attach to the wall.

Once that wall has the cleat on it the question then becomes how to build shelving and storage to properly utilize the cleat system.  My biggest fear is my own laziness and procrastination.  I can very well see my self building the cleats and then being a bum and just attaching peg board in places and never fully building the neat cabinets and shelving systems that I see people on the interwebs installing on the cleats.

Have you installed a french cleat system?  What are some of the things that you would consider essential to build to attach?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Shoot me a message on my social media (@thatdanmoore) and lets discuss.

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