More than just coloring books

When I was younger I had a fascination with cutting out shapes with a scroll saw and painting them.  Woodworking has always spoken to me.  Not always good at drawing or coming up with cool designs I had to take my inspiration from somewhere.  As a boy scout with my mother being the Den Mom ( I think that was what they were called) we would constantly be making things like this.  My mother was the creative type.  She would some how some way come up with a pattern for us to cut out and paint.

One of her biggest go to’s for these kind of projects to this very day is coloring books.  It is such an obvious choice when you think about it.  The patterns are right there laid out for you.  All you have to do is tape to the wood and follow the outlines.

With kids all being home and not going out I would like to suggest you give this a try.  It is a fun way to do something a little different.  Even if you don’t trust the kids with the saws at their age.  Mom or dad can always cut them out.  I mean come on what dad isn’t looking for an excuse to break out the power tools and not have to work on the house.

The great people over at Crayola have a site full of Free Coloring Pages that I would suggest you go check out.  Even if you are not printing them out to cut out designs and patterns you can get some coloring pages for free with some really great designs.  There are even cool ones for adults to do as well.  My printer is going right now with some of these designs.  The little one may still be too young to color but I am going to stock up on some patterns that I can use as stencils in the shop for some fun projects when the nieces and nephews are over.

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