Long Weekend Goals

With the 3 day weekend upon us I have decided to make a list of goals that I hope to accomplish.  While most of the population has been working from home and been spending time at the house, I have still been working sometimes extended hours.  The list is never ending of projects that need to get done around the homestead.  Not 10 minutes ago did I receive a phone call that our dog has decided for the first time in years that she wanted to start digging and has chosen the raised bed of tomatoes.   The fault on the dog getting in the garden must fall mainly on me.  As the fence project to fully enclose the garden area came to a halt as I had to remove a tree.  This tree was not a large one, but the cutting process came to a halt for one reason or another and most of the debris from it still lay in the way of me finishing the fence.  Finishing this project is a must do this weekend.  Not only will finishing this fence keep the dog and other animals out, it will greatly improve the look of the garden.

Last week we picked up off of Facebook market place a giant tube that at one point was part of someones jungle gym or tree house.  After power washing it I laid it in the grass for the little one to crawl through.  The ends of this tube are missing something.  I can’t help but think I need to put plywood on either side and paint some sort of art referring to a child’s story involving a tunnel.  But I am drawing a blank on what it should be.  If you have any ideas please send them over to me on twitter (@thatdanmoore).

What oh what do I do with this?

Speaking of the little one, he has become quite the rambunctious climber recently.  The child fencing play gate that lines our living room has become less of a protection to him and more of a danger as he climbs up it and finds himself caught between the wall and furniture.  So it is time to remove the gate and find other ways to child proof certain pieces of furniture.  I have begun to do this in sections based on where he is going and climbing.  But as I remove one section he begins to climb on the others.  Of course as all children do If I put something designed for him to climb on in there he will want nothing to do with it.  He is quickly becoming our version of Tommy Pickles making his escape from the pen anyway he can.

One of the simpler tasks on my list (you have to throw a few of these in there to make the list look like things are getting crossed off) is to install a new remote garage door opener.  You know, one of those keypads outside the garage door so you can open it when standing there without having to walk around the garage or opening the car and hitting the clicker.  I purchased one months ago and it has sat on the dining room table ever since.  We are all tired of looking at it so it must get installed.  This shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes or so to program and install.  But things can never be that quick and easy… Can they?

The garage shop has become a mess.  The more I organize and clean an area, the more junk that seems to get put there because the area is has been cleared, and around my house that seems to mean “just throw it over there”.  My goal with the shop is to start working on it in small areas at a time.  I have this tendency to wonder around as I am attempting to clean and/or organize and do a little hear and a little there.  While yes things will get done, it does not always appear to be happening.  So I have set my eyes on one area in particular and want to tackle it this weekend.  Nothing to lofty but an area that should be easily tackle able if I just concentrate and give myself a few hours to straighten up.

I am sure I will add more to this list as Friday fast approaches.  But need to make sure not to over load myself as looking at a list that has been overloading can cause anxiousness and an attitude of screw this, I will do it later.


So how much of this do you think I will actually get done?




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