Garage Shop Lighting

Since we moved in the lighting in the garage has been less than ideal.  Old florescent bulbs and fixtures that were installed by the previous owner who claimed to be an electrician.  As the bulbs have burned out and I have climbed up to replace I have noticed that the fixtures are broken, the bulbs are just barely hanging in there.  Lots of “hacks” for lack of a better word and just unsafe and undesirable conditions.

Much research has gone into what I should do.  Replace with florescent?  Go to LED?  Lots to consider.  Being an Amateur radio operator, I am aware of the amount of RFI most of these cheaper LED lighting fixtures cause.  As it is I am already plagued with a rather high noise floor.  I found a sale on a 2 pack of 4 foot LED lighting fixtures for a price I could not resist so I purchased them.  A month later I am still waiting for them to arrive.  Tracking finally started moving and shows I will be waiting another week still.  In the mean time I put out some feelers on the topic and surprisingly heard from an old buddy who I haven’t spoken to in close to 15 years!  He sent me a link to these LED lights  which he claims to be super bright and light up his entire garage.  As he is someone who never led me astray before I am tempted to take his word for it and purchase them.

So much work to be done on this shop before the brutal heat and humidity of summer kicks in.  Needing to kick this slacking spirit and get off my butt.

On a positive note the lettuce in the garden is looking beautiful and ready to cut the first couple of heads off of it to enjoy a garden salad.  The sugar snap peas are not looking far behind as well.  Oh boy.  Summer is in effect.  Where has the time gone?

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