Dan circa 1987 WGLI air studio
Dan circa 1987 WGLI air studio

Since I was a young child I have been involved in media in some form or another.  Growing up both of my parents worked at a local radio station where I have fond memories of roaming the hall ways and studios.  My grandparents were into gardening and I have fond memories of rototilling Grandpa’s garden as a child and eating string beans off the vines.  Somewhere along the line I stumbled into builing things and electronics and have been living a mixed life of adventures ever since.  While I was spending most of my years working in the broadcasting industry I had a fascination with quasi modern homesteading and self sufficiency.  As I started a family I have begun to lean more towards trying to be more self sufficient for the future of our family.  Starting this blog and vlog as they call it is a culmination of years of work and talents all intertwined.  Hopefully I can inspire and teach as well as learn new things all together.


If I can remember to drag a camera along I will attempt to document my adventures in electronics, gardening, and fabricating.   I am sure there will be random rants along the way as well.

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