Dan circa 1987 WGLI air studio
Dan circa 1987 WGLI air studio

From a young age radio has fascinated Dan Moore.  Growing up as the son of a DJ and PD Dan spent the earliest memorable years of his life in the hallways and studios of Long Island’s Oldies Station 1290 WGLI. Even voicing jock shouts for his father.

In his early teenage years Dan was part of one of the first online radio stations metroradio having 2 different jock shifts.  Thursday nights playing Alternative music and Friday nights under a different name playing oldies.  It was in those moments that Dan was bitten by the radio bug.  Heading into college from the moment he walked into the schools radio station his talents were apparent and was immediately named Production Director in his Freshman year working his way up to General Manager by his Senior year.  Dan sucessfully petitioned the school to add an online stream of the station to their website and spent many nights tearing out and rebuilding the production and on air studios as well as having presence on the station at all times voicing ID’s and promos as well as producing and serving as a third member of the stations flagship show “The Broni and Tony Show”.  Dan’s wide range of musical knowledge and comedic wit make him an easy fit into just about any format.

In 2005 Dan began his career in Long Island radio at AM 540 WLIE as a producer for various talk programming as well as producing Long Island Ducks Baseball.

Through out all of his radio years Dan has lent his voice, production and engineering talents to numerous projects, stations and events.  Some of which are listed below.

The Broni and Tony Show

The Mack and Nasty Show

Business Talk Radio

Lifestyle Talk Radio

Velocity Live Radio

The Velocity Radio Network

Triple H Radio

Everyday facts (You never knew)

Countdown Count around

Upscale Radio